Dr Nahin Mamun
BFA, MBA, MScIM, PhD (Marketing)

Thank you for visiting my website adobepress.co.uk. I have launched this site to support small businesses by delivering them a high-quality printing service at a good price. Printing is an industry in which I feel at home. I started my career at a pre-press in 1997 as a graphic designer and nurtured a dream to launch a printing business in the UK that will help small businesses in their marketing efforts. Over the years, I got involved in marketing and the printing business idea was paused.

After graduation in Fine Arts, my subsequent academic progression was in marketing. I have obtained MBA, Masters, and PhD degrees in marketing over the last few years. My thesis focuses on international opportunity enactment by the small and medium sized enterprises in the UK. Now, I am applying my design and marketing knowledge to help small businesses gain more value for the same marketing budget. This printing service is necessary to really get deeper into the marketing activities of small businesses.

The best way to gain more value for every pound spent on marketing is to build a coherent brand image. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, I can see if the single thread of branding is running or not. I take care of all these complex marketing issues without a price tag when I support a print project. When a small business places an order for a set of business cards or t-shirts, I support them to gain more value with my marketing knowledge and experiences.

The reason a business would be interested to print at adobepress.co.uk is the wealth of design, branding, and marketing knowledge that I put in every print project. If you are interested to add more value to your marketing effort for the same amount of money you spend at any other printing website, then this is the right place to work with. All customers here are treated equally with a focus to build a long-term business relationship. If you want to take your branding effort to the next level, then let us print your marketing contents at adobepress.co.uk.